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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What you should know about the AutoMentor solution...

    Q: What is AutoMentor?

    A: A software program written specifically for auto dealers that contains: Inventory and make ready expense functions Processes cash, finance, buy here pay here, rent-to-own, and wholesale transactions. Prints forms, documents and reports. Tools that aid in Sales tax, IRS, County tax preparation and reporting. Payment processing and account receivables Customer follow up and sales prospecting tools.

    Q: Do I need any special software on my computer to run AutoMentor?

    A: Yes.  There are a couple small Microsoft software components for the reporting module.  If you need it you will be asked to download it.  They should load in less than 1 minute.

    Q: What screen resolution should I have my monitor set on?

    A: We have found a resolution of 1024 x 768 to work best.  However, you should try a couple different settings until you find one that best suits your monitor.

    Q: Do I need an Internet connection to run AutoMentor?

    A: Yes.  A broadband Internet connection, such as DSL, cable, T1, etc., is required to run AutoMentor.  A dial-up connection will not support the system.

    Q: Can I import data from my existing system into AutoMentor?

    A: Yes!  We will provide you with an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format that will allow you to transfer your existing customer and inventory data into AutoMentor.

    Q: What do I need to run the AutoMentor system?

    A: A personal computer connected to the Internet is all that's required. Minimum requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer running on XP Home with 512k RAM.

    Q: Is AutoMentor networkable?

    A: Yes! AutoMentor is inherently networked: 2 or more users are automatically networked and can work together in the same system from ANY PC with an Internet connection.

    Managing multiple users and lots is a snap!

    Q: What forms does AutoMentor print?

    A: In addition to sale documents that you specify, we have over 100 available forms and reports all included at no additional cost.  We can also include custom forms and reports to your specifications (additional fees may apply).

    Q: Is there additional cost to move AutoMentor?

    A: No! You can move your AutoMentor account(s) at no additional cost (see "Pricing" link for per user pricing).

    Q: Can I temporarily disable my AutoMentor user account(s)

    A: Yes! We will disable your user acocunts BUT keep your valuable data in safekeeping until you are ready to re-start for a small monthly maintenace fee of $25 per month per user account.

    Q: How much does AutoMentor Cost?

    A: Click here for pricing.