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  • AutoMentor includes:
  • F&I
  • Inventory
  • BHPH/Rent-to-own
  • Collections
  • Leasing
  • Forms printing
  • Reports

    Why pay as you go is better deal...


    At Charter Tech Partners, we value your trust in our AutoMentor software toolset. To continually gain that trust, we provide our applications in a way that ensures continual access, fast delivery, and flawless security.

    Web-delivered Access
    Our AutoMentor products are delivered via the Internet for an "on-demand" experience.  Charter Tech Partners hosts your software and data at a secure, off-site facility, saving you money on expensive hardware and freeing you from the aggravation of installing and maintaining software.  Another bonus, you can access your AutoMentor account via the Internet from any computer - securely!

    Automatic Software Updates
    No more hassling with keeping software up-to-date. AutoMentor automatically updates via the Internet.

    Automatic Data Backups
    What would happen to your business if your system went down? With AutoMentor, your data remains secure with backups conducted automatically via the Internet.

    Multiple Layers of Network and Network Security
    Charter Tech Partners contracts with a secure datacenter to provide the upmost in network security which combines cutting-edge security technology, best practices, and a team of certified senior-level professionals to manage and secure our network.

    AutoMentor auto dealer software is a user friendly Inventory, F&I, collections and Document Processing Software Package.

    This car sales and customer payment tracking system is designed for Used Car Dealers of all sizes who wish to manage, market and analyze their auto inventory without buying and maintaing expensive, complex computer systems.

    Most other dealer management systems require days or even weeks of training to learn.

    AutoMentor is so simple to install and use that anyone in the dealership can do it, regardless of computer experience.

    5 Reasons Pay-as-you-go is a better way to buy software...

  • No large cash outlays
  • Easy setup - Run on any computer with an Internet connection
  • Scaleable - Easily add/subtract users as your business changes
  • Access system and your data from anywhere - securely
  • Prevent data loss - Your data is backed and stored offsite every day
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